Jamstack in 2021: 10 interesting things that happened each month

By Arso Stojović
Read time 9 min
Posted on August 18, 2022
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Jamstack Review

Last year we saw Jamstack go mainstream, with significant changes in working patterns for Jamstack developers in every region.

It is crystal clear that going to Jamstack is a good idea when you place top priority on performance, security, and scalability. This review will help you get a better picture of the entire developer landscape, evolving changes, and investments in this dominating era of Jamstack.

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2021 has been a year in which the concept of the Jamstack has been evolving.

January 2021

$40M to Build the Next WebVercel embraces this serverless, everywhere computing model. When you push to Git, they automatically start building your project. At that time, frameworks like Next.js run your code to pre-render pages before the user ever accesses them. The new funding, which brings the total raised to $61M, will be used to accelerate research and development, drive platform innovation, and scale its team globally to accelerate further frontend developers’ ability to enrich end users’ web experiences.

Running Staticman on Netlify FunctionsAn Open Source application enables static websites to accept dynamic content submissions, including comments. This means it can even work with bare HTML pages!

HEXO simple blogging static siteHexo provides the framework to generate static HTML files combining your theme and markdown files. Before you start, you’ll need these installed: Node.js GIT

Eleventy, static site generator with 3 Ways to Render Server-Side Components.Method #1: Template Includes Method #2: Template Shortcodes Method #3: Pre-Rendered JavaScript Components

Building Static API with Gatsby
In this article, you can find a series of Jamstack tutorials on building a Static API. You can view the complete list of available static API tutorials.

WTF is a Static API ???
If you didn't know that Static API exists, this article helps you discover why Jamstack has provided a path for creating static APIs.

Jamstack and GraphQL
Here, you can explore a couple of popular Jamstack tools and how they use GraphQL.

Gatsby VS WordPress
Here, you have an excellent overview from a marketing perspective. This is a helpful resource to share with the folks who will be the content editors on the site you’re creating.

February 2021

How to Secure API Routes for Jamstack Sites?
Serverless functions aren’t protected from misuse by default as the endpoint URL is exposed. This post looks at some strategies to add fundamental security to these functions.

Adjusting flexibility and productivity in your CMS Most headless CMS products don't make assumptions about what you want to do with your content. So it's up to you to structure it, which is a big part of making the experience for your content editors.

Headless Shopify In 2021 E-commerce started losing its head, but what about its mind? In general, headless E-commerce means adopting a separate piece of technology that powers the consumer-facing part of your site.

Are you familiar with the Backends for Frontends pattern, or simply said BFF?
Even if separated, the relationship between BFFs is crucial, right?   👭 ❣

Post-deploy Events Now Available to Build Plugins on Netlify Until recently, Build Plugin event handlers were limited to the "build" portion of the life cycle, ranging from just before the build command, with onPreBuild, to just before deploying site assets on PostBuild.

Front-of-the-front-end and back-of-the-front-end web development
An interesting point of view regarding front-end development. The language trick in this text explains how front-end development works. To narrow down: A front-of-the-front-end developer determines the look and feels of a button, while a back-of-the-front-end developer determines what happens when that button is clicked.

Integrating Sanity and Hugo with Netlify Plugins
This guide shows how to leverage Netlify Build Plugins with more traditional static site generators to pull content from a remote source at build time.

Search in the Jamstack world Almost every Jamstack site needs to implement search, and some tools can help to do this.

5 built-in Next.js features you absolutely should check out
Read this piece of material if you want to leverage your Next.js to its fullest.

March 2021

From Design to Development Crash Course - Full Stack Next.js Tutorial
A cash-free tutorial that leads you through the full stack of building a new web app, including starting the app from scratch and deploying the project to the web.

GatsbyConf 2021 If you missed GatsbyConf 2021, you could find a quick recap of the conference in ten minutes or less.

Jamstack Resources: Where Do Jamstackers Hang Out?
Find and become a part of the Jamstack worldwide community.

A Beginner's Guide to APIs: How to Integrate and Use Them
New into Jamstack? Don’t know how to work directly with APIs? Here you have a detailed course.

Building Systems With Static APIs APIs are dynamic, but does that mean every part of the API infrastructure must be dynamic? 🤔

Going Headless: Use Cases And What It’s Good For?
Losing your head is not that so scary?

Incremental Static Regeneration: Its Benefits and Its Flaws
Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) enables developers and content editors to use static generation per page without rebuilding the entire site.

WP Engine Goes ‘Headless’ Jumps into the Jamstack
A lot of new companies seem to jump into a Jamstack+Wordpress commercial offering. Check out.

April 2021

Next.js 10.1 Next.js new version with improved installation time.

Debug layout shifts Learn how to identify and fix layout shifts.

Dynamically Changing a Netlify Form Name A clever solution for when you want the same form page to collect data posts to varying forms in Netlify Forms.

Jamstack SEO Guide Everything you need to know to succeed at SEO in one place.

Faster builds for large sites on Netlify with On-demand Builders:  A significant change that will help with build times on large sites.

Upgrading to Gatsby 3.0 Breaking changes at Gatsby.

Jamstack Hosting and Cloud Deployment Platforms Discover a couple of Jamstack hosting and cloud deployment platforms favored by the community.

10 Frontend Trends for 2021 Gatsby is the most used SSG, and React is the most popular JS framework; who is growing in popularity too?

May 2021

The Evolution Of Jamstack CEO of Netlify, on past, present, and future of Jamstack.

AWS Amplify, Next.JS, Typescript Tutorial Take advantage of Next JS's serverside rendering, static site generation, and dynamic routes.

Develop production-scale modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps Microsoft’s alternative to services like Netlify and Vercel.

Vercel vs. Netlify: Jamstack Deployment & Hosting Solutions Comparison The differences between Vercel and Netlify for deployment and hosting of your Jamstack projects.

Gatsby or Next.js? What to choose?

Headless Commerce Summit 2021
Headless Commerce Summit talks explore migrating and building headless commerce architectures using technologies including Shopify, Stripe, Gatsby, BigCommerce, Magento, and more.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Next.js An easy way to comprehend Next.js.

June 2021

The Evolution and Redefinition of The Jamstack
A current definition of what is and what is not Jamstack.

Can Dynamic Sites Go Serverless? Are there benefits to moving existing projects to a serverless architecture built upon the Jamstack?

The Secret to Ultra-Productive Front-End Teams
Modern apps place high demands on front-end developers.

The real cost of enterprise content management systems The costs of content management systems vary by a considerable degree. Which one to choose?

How to build a database-driven Jamstack site Connecting your Jamstack frontend to your data backends can get complex, or not? 

Myth-busting: Jamstack can't handle dynamic content The truth about Jamstack and dynamic content delivery.

Survey: Jamstack Users Look Beyond Performance Gains, Next.js
Top 3 advantages of Jamstack are: security (45%), cost-effectiveness (42%)  better performance (39%).

July 2021

“The era of classic CMS is over.” How to go from a visual-centric approach to managing voice content?

Why it's time to switch from monolithic to headless? "Monolithic sounds big, heavy, single-minded, and out of date. Which, in our minds, is pretty much exactly spot on. Monolithic means that everything that makes your site run comes under one platform."

The great decoupling: Why are web developers looking at the edge?
Want to know what’s driving Jamstack adoption at companies?

Discover Modern Web Development Tools and Trends Discovery Hub is a place where you can learn about the modern-day web engineering tools you need to build tomorrow’s web.

How To Migrate From WordPress To A Headless CMS Don’t have enough reasons to migrate? Find some more.

Headless CMS Reviews of 23 solutions and the comparison.

August 2021

Jamstack ecosystem Lists and comparisons of third-party tools and resources for Jamstack architecture in 11 different categories.

Build Your Static Blog With Gridsome [2021 Guide] Learn how to build sites with Gridsome.

Videos on Jamstack Websites? Various options of adding video to a website.

Static vs. Dynamic vs. Jamstack: Is Jamstack static or dynamic or “Jamstackic”?

Adding machine learning to your Jamstack site Have you ever used machine-learning APIs?

Jamstack CMS: The Past, The Present, and The Future Take a trip down memory lane to see how we got to the modern CMSs we have today and where they’re heading in the next decade.

 How To Separate Content From Website Code How to maneuver a content-driven engine? Explained.


How Git Can Power an Exciting Future for Content Management Pros and cons of using a Git-based CMS.

Architecting with Next.js Video where dev teams use Next.js in production, including deep architecture dives, best practices, and challenges.

The Jamstack Journey: A Guide On Transforming An Idea Into A Website

INTRODUCING GATSBY 4 Gatsby 4, Now in Beta.

Using SWR React Hooks With Next.js’ Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) When paired with ISR and Next.js’ API routes, SWR can create a responsive user experience.

October 2021

Jamstack Conf Keynote 2021: How it Started; How it's Going In this keynote talk, Matt talks about React server components, serverless databases, and more about exciting, vital players in the Jamstack community.

Jamming into the Mainstream: Jamstack Community Survey 2021.

What’s New in Gatsby 4 Deferred Static Generation (DSG).

Next.js 12 Released 5 new features of Next.js 12: Faster Builds, Middleware, URL Imports, Support for React 18 on the server-side, and Collaborative Live Coding

Why Headless Is the Future of Mobile Development Advantages of the headless for mobile development.

November 2021

Update to On-demand Builders Faster and more reliable page loads.

Multilingual Jamstack eCommerce Welcome more customers by adding their language.

From tearsheets to API calls Building scalable B2B e-commerce on the Jamstack.

Netlify Raises $105 Million to Transform Development for the Modern Web. Funding to accelerate the growth of the Netlify developer platform and Jamstack ecosystem.

Testing One Million eCommerce Orders Per Hour Power of Jamstack e-commerce.

December 2021

Optimizing Build Times in the Jamstack With Netlify’s DPR and Next.js This article will discuss reducing build times using Distributed Persistent Rendering, a concept created by the Netlify team.

React Based SSGs ReactJS was first released in 2013, promising to transform front-end development. Since then, it has become one of the rare technologies to deliver its promise.

Top 5 Internet Technologies of 2021 Four out of the five technologies are focused on the web.

Jamstack.Training An educational portal that offers courses for free.

2022 will be an exciting year for the Jamstack community that may involve some rethinking of how we define the term. To find out and understand all about the Jamstack, frontend development, and headless CMSs,  you can learn from our blog page, where we wrote about that in a lot of texts across different categories.

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