Check out how is editing website header through BCMS


Header Navigation is one of the most essential components of a website. It helps our visitors to easily navigate through different pages on the website.

Making the header editing process easier can save us a lot of time.

How Off-shore is going through the editing process?

Let’s see what the navigation looks like on the website itself.

It has a conventional look with a logo on the left, a list of essential pages, and a CTA. Off-shore has also made the websites’ content available in multiple languages, so we also have a language selection on the right. By choosing a different language, the English navigation will be replaced with the navigation in the selected language.


Now, let’s see the Header behind the scenes in the BCMS

We can simply access it from the entries list by clicking on the “Header.”


From the initial screen, we can see that we are currently editing the header for the English language and that the status is set to “Active.”

The first item in the navigation is “Home.”

We have set the name to… guess what… “Home.” 

URI field remains blank and is not required since we have set the link to refer to the Home page entry. This means that if someone changes the URL of the Home page in the Home entry, the URL will also be updated here, in the Header. 

We don’t have to do that manually each time.


We also have the option to add children items, but since the Home button on the navigation stands alone, we won’t need them.


Here’s what the Ref Select Modal looks like.

We can see that all the page entries which exist in the BCMS are available here.

After Home item in the navigation, we have the About us item, which is similar to the previous one.

You probably noticed the up-and-down arrows and the trash bin icon. By clicking on the arrows, we can move this Item 2 (the About us page) up or down one place. This just serves the functionality of reordering items in the navigation. 


For example, if we click the up arrow, the About us page will become Item 1 and move the Home Page to place Item 2.

By clicking on the trash bin icon, we can simply delete Item 2.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, Item number 3 - Jurisdictions.

But we are going to add children items.


The first children Item is Cyprus.

Adding Children Items is precisely the same as adding Parent Items. We add a Name, select a Reference page, and then we can add new Children items at the same level, nest new Children items under the current one, or go back to Main Items.

The process continues like this with other items in the navigation as well.


In the end, we can edit the CTA.


We enter the Name, which is the CTA button's copy, and select the Reference page, in this case - the Contact page.

English version of the Header edited!

After we have finished editing the English version of the Header. We can select another language, for example, Serbian, and start editing that language.

The process is completely the same.


We've been using BCMS for the past two years, and we love it! With a very intuitive CMS, it is easy to manage websites without a single developer on the team. And because there are BCMS widgets for all kinds of needs, managing content feels like playing a game. It made our job at Saturized easier and gave us more time to focus on what matters most - our clients.”

Momcilo Popov
Momcilo Popov