See how manages its multilingual website with BCMS

off shore helps clients manage their offshore outsourcing solutions in many aspects of their formation and development processes.

Since most of their clients come from Romania, Serbia, and Croatia, they have decided that they will need to showcase their website in English and the languages that are spoken in the countries mentioned above.

So, without further ado, here’s how they did it.

Each BCMS entry has four versions, one for each available language.

Off shore

In the previous slide, you can see that we have entered editing mode for the Home page entry but for the English language.

Editing content here will only affect the English version of this entry. And here’s what the language selection looks like on the website itself:


Pretty neat, right?

Let’s say the Off-shore marketing team wants to edit the Home page, but this time, the Serbian version.

They can simply choose the Serbian language and edit the content.


But what happens when they decide that, for some reason, they don’t want to display a page in a specific language?

Well, they can simply select the entry, choose the language they don’t want to be available for that page, and set the status to Draft.

Other versions of this entry won’t be affected by this change.

How are you going to use this BCMS feature?