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Refer BCMS to your network, and earn a 20% commission on all referred subscriptions. Sky's the limit on your earnings!

How it Works

Discover the simple steps to partner with us: sign up, share, and earn rewards.

Join the Program

Apply to become a BCMS affiliate through our online form.

Promote BCMS to Your Audience

Share your unique affiliate link across your channels. Access our Resource Center for promotional guidelines and materials.

Earn Rewards

Earn a 20% commission for each new subscription through your link for the lifetime year.

Who Can Apply?

Calling all digital creators, marketers, and tech lovers: join our affiliate program to grow together.

Bloggers and Writers

Share your expertise and knowledge with your readers by integrating BCMS into your content and guides.

Tech Enthusiasts

Got a tech-savvy audience? Help them discover the benefits of BCMS and earn by doing so.

Web Dev Agencies

Include BCMS in your client projects and get rewarded for every referral subscription.

Content Creators & Influencers

Leverage your online presence by introducing BCMS to your community and followers.

Web Developers

Simplify your development process with BCMS and recommend it to peers to enhance their workflow.

Calculate Your Recurring Passive Income

Add in your expected referrals to see how much money you can make as a BCMS Affiliate in just 1 year!

Managed BCMS Cloud

  • $20
  • $40
  • $59
  • $79
  • $99
  • $119
  • $139
  • $158
  • $178
  • $198
  • $218
  • $238

In this graph you can see how your income will grow each month based on your selections.

Your monthly income next May:


Calculations are based on the number and types of plans you refer each month. Factor in our 2% churn rate and this brings you to your estimated total passive income.

Ready to Become a BCMS Affiliate?

Start your journey with BCMS today and turn your recommendations into revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BCMS Affiliate Program and how can I apply?

The affiliate program allows individuals and organizations to earn commissions by referring BCMS. Apply here - we review applications weekly, asking for details about your platform and audience for evaluation.

What qualifies as a successful conversion?

New subscriptions to any paid BCMS plan within 90 days of clicking your affiliate link qualify. Commissions are on a last-click basis.

Upon approval, create and track links through your dashboard. Promote your link on various online platforms while disclosing the affiliate relationship.

What if a client upgrades their BCMS plan?

Upgrades are treated as additional transactions, generating more commissions for you.

What if a client downgrades or cancels their subscription?

Downgrades or cancellations within the first 2 months may result in a clawback of commissions or deductions from future earnings.

Can I refer myself?

Self-referrals are prohibited as the program aims to reward referrals to new clients.

What terms apply to the BCMS Affiliate Program?

The BCMS Affiliate Program Terms, alongside this Resource Guide and any updated Program Policies, govern your participation.

Have more questions?
Reach out to us at [email protected] for any further inquiries.