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  • Repeatable inputs

  • Groups of inputs

  • Multisite dashboard

  • Fine-grained user permissions

  • Gatsby SDK

  • Vue SDK

  • Content in unlimited languages

  • File manager

  • Interactive documentation

  • Repeatable groups of inputs

  • All input types

  • Content widgets

  • Next.js SDK

  • Custom Functions

  • Custom Plugins

  • CRON Jobs

  • Custom Events

  • Environment variables

  • NPM Dependencies

  • Nuxt SDK

  • Self-hosted

  • Manual backups

  • + Many, many more

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Commonly asked questions

  • 01

    Can I use the free option to work on client's project?

    Unfortunately, with the free option, you are getting a personal license, which means that you can work on your personal projects only. Good news! You don't have to buy the commercial license if you have a project, you can subscribe to our Pro plan, and you will have all the features to deliver a superior product to your client.

  • 02

    What is the difference between self hosted and a SaaS option?

    The main difference is that with the Pro plan, everything is hosted on our BCMS cloud, so you don't have to worry about setting up and scaling your servers.

  • 03

    I expect to have more clients in the future, which option should I choose?

    Feel free to focus on scaling your business, and we will take care of scaling servers. No matter how many projects you are handling, you can choose the Pro plan for each of your clients.

  • 04

    Do you offer help with the migration?

    Yes! Just contact us, and we'll help you migrate content from your current CMS. If BCMS is the first CMS you are using, we'll help you set up and structure everything! :)

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