Looking for a Gatsby CMS? That’s BCMS

Unleash the power of Gatsby and React: Build stable, secure, and large applications using the best Gatsby CMS for building React-based websites.


Why use BCMS as a Gatsby CMS

Built with React developers in mind

Use BCMS as Gatsby CMS for react-based Gatsby sites and web applications leveraging the React JavaScript library, headless CMS architecture, and APIs to build scalable and stable solutions.

Keep up with the latest JavaScript developments across the backend and the front end. Gatsby allows serverless calls to BCMS APIs. Simple code connects your app to a high-performance, extensible CMS.

Gatsby apps and websites are built and shipped faster than ever.

Gatsby CMS based on component design

React's component-based architecture makes it easy to build reusable UI components that can be used throughout the application.

When building a headless application with React, it's important to design flexible components that can easily be reused in different contexts.

SSR, SSG, SPA, or CSR, call APIs for help

BCMS works smoothly with all Gatsby rendering modes - SSG, SSR, SPA, and CSR.

BCMS works with GraphQL and REST APIs, regardless of your rendering mode.

Build a Gatsby CMS

All Gatsby features, together with BCMS

BCMS- Gatsby CMS that you need to make the Gatsby website faster

Blazingly fast development with any channel

For efficient content management and rapid development, combine BCMS and Gatsby. The BCMS for Gatsby platform offers fast and versatile deployment for modern stack projects.

API support for robust Gatsby projects

BCMS is a headless CMS that provides robust APIs easily integrated with Gatsby.

BCMS supports GraphQL, RESTful APIs, or both enabling Gatsby applications to pull data from the CMS and render it on the server or client side.

Data where & when you need it

With BCMS, you can fetch and render data seamlessly with Gatsby. You can do everything from SSG to SSR, ISR, and RSC.

BCMS offers powerful query APIs for filtering, sorting, and shaping server data. Don't let your front end run out of data! Whether it's real-time or built on demand.

Gatsby CMS that serves content from a global CDN

Your content is hosted on a fully-managed data store and a global CDN. This frees up your time to build engaging content and experiences rather than worrying about servers, space, and bandwidth.

Be fast in any language

BCMS and Gatsby are great options for multilingual websites and applications. BCMS is an easy-to-use solution for localizing content across languages. Using this approach, Gatsby applications can display content in the user's native language.

(B)CMS for Gatsby-Full power of structured content

Working with BCMS is like building Legos. Your content becomes building blocks for any kind of website you are working on. No repetition. Just reuse.

Start building with Gatsby & BCMS


BCMS templates are like Gatsby templates, group content of similar structure. Blogs, products, home page, case studies, and more.



In BCMS, you can store different kinds of content in inputs like dropdowns, files, numbers, rich text, colors [coming soon], tags [coming soon], pointers… even groups of them.



With groups, you can define frequently used content structures - and reuse them. For example - an author (first name, last name, position…) or an address (street name, zip code, country…).



Imagine having a long blog post - and in the middle of it - you want an image gallery. With BCMS, it’s as easy as creating an Image gallery widget.



Not only you can upload any kind of file, but you can also organize them into folders and folders and folders.


Use BCMS as your Gatsby CMS

From building to publishing, BCMS empowers developers to build Gatsby websites and other team members to manage company success built on Gatsby foundations.

Start building with Gatsby & BCMS


Discover why our clients love using BCMS for their content management needs. Here are some most asked questions when it comes to choosing Gatsby CMS.

What kind of sites can I build with Gatsby?

Gatsby is a versatile static site generator that can be used to build various types of websites, including e-commerce sites, blogs, portfolios, and more.

Can I use Gatsby with any CMS?

Gatsby is CMS-agnostic and can work with any headless CMS that exposes a GraphQL or REST API. Some popular CMS options for Gatsby include BCMS, Contentful, WordPress, and Sanity.

How does Gatsby handle data sources?

Gatsby uses GraphQL to query data from various sources, including CMSs, APIs, Markdown files, and databases. Gatsby also provides plugins that enable developers to integrate with specific data sources easily.

Does Gatsby support server-side rendering?

Gatsby supports server-side rendering (SSR), which means that the HTML for each page is generated on the server before being sent to the client. This approach can improve performance and SEO.

How does Gatsby handle dynamic content?

Gatsby can handle dynamic content using client-side rendering (CSR) and fetching data via APIs or GraphQL. Gatsby also has built-in functionality to support incremental builds, which enables it to regenerate only the changed parts of a site.

Can I use Gatsby with a database?

Yes, Gatsby can work with databases, but it is typically used with a CMS or API that exposes data from the database.

What are the benefits of using Gatsby?

Gatsby provides several benefits, including fast page loading times, better SEO, easy integration with CMSs, enhanced security, and simplified development workflows.

What are the system requirements for using Gatsby?

The system requirements for Gatsby include Node.js (version 12 or higher), Git, and a code editor. Gatsby can be used on any operating system, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How can I optimize the performance of Gatsby sites?

There are several ways to optimize the performance of Gatsby sites, including optimizing images, leveraging caching, implementing lazy loading, and using a CDN.

Can I use Gatsby with other front-end frameworks or libraries?

Yes, Gatsby can be used with other front-end frameworks or libraries like React, Vue.js, or Angular.

How can I debug issues with my Gatsby site?

Gatsby provides several tools for debugging, including the Gatsby CLI, browser developer tools, and logging.

What are the recommended plugins for Gatsby?

Some recommended plugins for Gatsby include gatsby-plugin-image, gatsby-plugin-react-helmet, and gatsby-plugin-sitemap.

What makes Gatsby different from other static site generators?

Gatsby differentiates itself from other static site generators by focusing on performance, integration with various data sources, and ease of use. It also uses modern web technologies like React and GraphQL to create dynamic and engaging websites.

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“We've been using BCMS for the past two years, and we love it! With a very intuitive CMS, it is easy to manage websites without a single developer on the team. And because there are BCMS widgets for all kinds of needs, managing content feels like playing a game. It made our job at Saturized easier and gave us more time to focus on what matters most - our clients.”
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