BCMS vs Contentful 2024 - Which is Best Headless CMS?

BCMS is often considered for its flexibility, built to keep up with your business no matter how big it grows or how you choose to grow it. Without increasing the costs.

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Why choose BCMS over Contentful

  • Key features
  • Look professional

    Contentful includes this
    BCMS includes this
  • Drag and drop website builder

    Contentful doesn't include this
    BCMS doesn't include this
  • Unlimited storage

    File size limits
    BCMS includes this
  • Works with any programming language

    Contentful includes this
    BCMS includes this
  • Multiple languages supported

    Contentful includes this Leads to cluttered UX
    BCMS includes this
  • GDPR

    Contentful includes this
    BCMS includes this
  • Fine grained user permissions

    Contentful doesn't include this
    BCMS includes this
  • Self-hosted

    Contentful doesn't include this
    BCMS includes this
  • Open-source

    Contentful doesn't include this
    BCMS includes this
  • Built-in Backups & Restore

    Contentful doesn't include this
    BCMS includes this
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5 Things BCMS Can Do vs Contentful

  • Self-hosting

    Self-hosting is important for control, security, cost-effectiveness, and independence. It allows you to have full control over your data and applications, take responsibility for your own security and privacy, avoid ongoing subscription fees and vendor lock-in, and maintain independence from external providers.

  • Organise files into folders

    Doesn't sound that important, until you wake up one day, have 20 blog posts and can't find anything in your overloaded media manager. With BCMS - you can easily organise your files into folders, like it's 2023.

  • BCMS doesn't cost a fortune

    It's fine if Contentful, as a big player, can charge starting at US$489/month. With BCMS, you can create exactly the same website at a fraction of the Contentful price.

  • Unlimited inputs and templates (content types)

    Contentful limitations prevent creativity. The 48 content types are limited across all plans except enterprise. This restriction can make it difficult to create a modular design and may require a generic approach, which can negatively impact the content editor's experience. BCMS comes with unlimited inputs, groups, widgets, and templates. Basically - no content limitations.

  • Speed

    Contentful becomes increasingly slow to navigate as you add more content. In BCMS, pages open immediately. No, really - you haven't seen such a fast UI recently. No matter how long some of your CMS entries are - BCMS opens them immediately.

What Contentful has done for the Jamstack and Headless CMS market is mind-blowing. It’s a great company with a genuinely pioneering product. Modern Headless CMS solutions like BCMS wouldn’t be what they are today without them.

Contentful is a Headless CMS meant to satisfy many use cases, but as amount of your content grows - Contentful's UI easily gets overcomplicated and slow, while prices quickly start to skyrocket.

On the other side, BCMS is an open-source, self-hosted product, with unlimited inputs, content and assets. These differences affect things like, security, performance, cost, and customisation.

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β€œWe've been using BCMS for the past two years, and we love it! With a very intuitive CMS, it is easy to manage websites without a single developer on the team. And because there are BCMS widgets for all kinds of needs, managing content feels like playing a game. It made our job at Saturized easier and gave us more time to focus on what matters most - our clients.”
Aleksandar Ilic
Service Delivery Manager, Devtech

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