Looking for Nuxt CMS? That’s BCMS

A headless Nuxt CMS that works with all Nuxt rendering modes. Whether you are building SPA, SSG, or SSR - BCMS integrates smoothly into your project.


Why use BCMS as a Nuxt CMS

Nuxt CMS built with .vue developers in mind

We love Vue so much. In fact, we built BCMS in Vue 3. With the BCMS Nuxt plugin, you’ll have everything you need to build projects from start to end - from getting content, filtering, and sorting it - to optimizing images.

Fast, intuitive CMS interface

Whether your project has two or hundreds of pages, BCMS stays stable and blazingly fast. And what's even better - you won't need to teach your team to use it.

SSR, SSG, SPA, or call API directly

BCMS works smoothly with all Nuxt.js rendering modes - SSG, SSR, and SPA. Want to connect it to your refrigerator? BCMS supports GraphQL and REST too.

Start building with BCMS - Nuxt CMS

All Nuxt.js features, but more powerful with BCMS

Nuxt CMS features - to make Nuxt websites even faster.

Built for Nuxt 3

Get the most out of Nuxt features: Vue, auto-import, Vite, , nuxt modules, asyncData / Fetch.

Zero configuration

Start coding your website or app out of the box. BCMS takes care of the rest.

Nuxt CMS for all rendering modes

Choose the best rendering strategy for your projects - BCMS follows you every step along the way.

SEO & Core Web Vitals

BCMS doesn't make websites SEO-optimised. You do that - by using BCMS. Achieve a 100/100/100/100 Lighthouse score.

From built-in image optimization to full control over your code, BCMS is the best CMS for Nuxt to launch fast, SEO-optimised websites.

Multilingual Nuxt.js website? No prob

BCMS & Nuxt.js are great options for multilingual websites and applications. As a CMS for Nuxt, BCMS provides easy-to-use localization tools that enable developers to create and manage content in different languages.

Nuxt CMS for the full power of structured content

Working with BCMS is like building Legos. Your content becomes a building block for any site you are working on. By using BCMS's Groups and Widgets - you do no repetition. Just reuse.

Start building with BCMS - Nuxt CMS


BCMS templates are like Nuxt.js templates. Devs usually use them to group content of similar structure. Blogs. Products. Home page. Case studies.

BCMS Templates


In BCMS, you can store different kinds of content in inputs like dropdowns, files, numbers, rich text, colors [coming soon], tags [coming soon], pointers… even groups of them.

BCMS Inputs


With groups, you can define frequently used content structures - and reuse them. For example - an author (first name, last name, position…) or an address (street name, zip code, country…).

BCMS Groups


Imagine having a long blog post - and in the middle of it - you want an image gallery. With BCMS, it’s as easy as creating an Image gallery widget.

BCMS Widgets


Not only can you upload any kind of file, but you can also organize them into folders and folders and folders. It also comes with built-in image compression and optimization services.

BCMS Media manager


From building to publishing, BCMS empowers developers and writers to build better Nuxt websites.

BCMS Nuxt.js SDK
Start building with BCMS - the best Nuxt CMS

FAQs about Nuxt CMS

Discover why our clients love using BCMS for their content management needs. Here are some most asked questions when it comes to choosing Nuxt CMS.

What are the benefits of Nuxt CMS?

CMS for Nuxt is a powerful toolset for creating websites powered by content from APIs. Using a headless CMS with Nuxt.js, you can create dynamic, editable websites - easy to scale. With BCMS, your clients will have an intuitive editing experience without spending weeks teaching them how to use it.

Which headless CMS can I use with Nuxt.js?

Nuxt.js can consume data from any headless CMS that provides APIs. However, the choice of headless CMS depends on your project requirements and preferences. Our suggestion is...  wait for it… BCMS.

Can I use both Nuxt.js server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) with BCMS?

Yes, you can use either SSR or SSG with a headless CMS. The rendering mode choice depends on the content type and your website requirements.

How can I consume data from Nuxt CMS?

Nuxt.js can consume data from a headless CMS using APIs such as REST or GraphQL. Nuxt.js provides a fetch method to fetch data from APIs and update the UI dynamically.

Can I use Nuxt CMS for an e-commerce website?

Nuxt.js can be used with a headless CMS for building e-commerce applications. You can use the headless CMS APIs to fetch product data, cart data, and other information required for building e-commerce applications.

Is it possible to implement search functionality with Nuxt CMS?

Yes, it is possible to implement search functionality with a headless CMS and Nuxt.js. You can use the API-first headless CMS to fetch search results and update the UI dynamically.

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“We've been using BCMS for the past two years, and we love it! With a very intuitive CMS, it is easy to manage websites without a single developer on the team. And because there are BCMS widgets for all kinds of needs, managing content feels like playing a game. It made our job at Saturized easier and gave us more time to focus on what matters most - our clients.”
Aleksandar Ilic
Service Delivery Manager, Devtech

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