5 famous websites - built in JAMstack

By Arso and Ilona
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Posted on August 18, 2022
Updated on January 11, 2023
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Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Beckham use JAMstack?

Now you do. And we got your attention. Great. We needed your focus because we will talk more about JAMstack websites and why they recently grew popular. Our main goal is to present you with four great examples of JAMstack websites (you probably heard of). All in good time. Let’s start with the basics first.

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What is a JAMstack, and why do people use it?

Not long ago, when the digital era started, websites became ‘the thing.’ Businesses figured they needed it for improving sales and brand awareness. Their structure was simple. You created a simple HTML page, wrote the bare minimum code to make the page attractive, strung up a bunch of these pages together, and you were ready with a website. They were called static websites. Static site generators are an alternative to database-driven content management systems like WordPress. In such scenarios, content is managed and stored in a database. After that came CMS. Then PHP with rendering. The era of dynamic web pages. Now all that isn’t enough. We are at the beginning of the JAMstack era. JAMstack stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. JAMstack architecture represents a modern web development architecture that allows devs to rely on the advantages of a static website, which include better web performance and security benefits, while still retaining the dynamic attributes of a database-oriented CMS without the database. You might be interested: why JAMstack. We might even say it’s the perfect answer to modern-day web development problems. Sound speed is one of the top-ranking benefits of modern design, security, and a Headless CMS - that's a powerful combination for today’s successful websites. Check out how these few JAMstack projects did it. Here are 5 famous websites built in JAMstack.


PayPal has been one of the biggest names in the fintech world for well over a decade. It lets users pay and shop online using a secure internet account. But we believe you already knew that.

What you didn’t know is that as one of the most popular payment options, PayPal is one of the prime targets for phishing and scams. Let me remind you again of the top three benefits of JAMstack:

  • Better performance

  • Higher Security

  • Better experience

When having a website or an app that processes payments, one of those benefits targets you in particular. PayPal is using JAMstack primarily because of its good security. With JAMstack, server-side processes are abstracted into microservice APIs, reducing the surface areas for the attack.

JFK Terminal 4

NYC Airport is one of the biggest aviation hubs globally, and each of its 6 terminals has its website to endure all the visitors and requests. One of the reasons for their flawlessness is JAMstack, and JFK Terminal No.4 is entirely built on it. And from the first scroll, you can see its benefits. Content sections, funny cartoons, blogs, news, events...you name it. The website is built with content in mind, and we’re not just talking about textual sections. More dynamic content, such as terminal maps and wider directories, are fantastic, too, without being too slow (there is a delay, but primarily because it connects to an external site). All this handles a lot of traffic with no bumps, and that’s the power of JAMstack.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

Let’s not forget eCommerce websites. With specific requirements, eCommerce websites need to look great, support large and quality photos, have excellent navigation, and be completely intuitive. All characteristics of Victoria Beckham’s Beauty website are glorious, and that’s the one word needed to describe it. JAMstack CMS is a perfect solution for websites like this, with many pages and products. Not only does it accelerate development and maintenance, but it lets merchants create unique, content-driven, fast shopping experiences. Also, it gives merchants more time to focus on their headless eCommerce solutions. Our favorite part with the JAMstack and eCommerce websites is the updates. Updates, price changes, or any other information change are done simply and fast because of APIs and a win-win situation for developers and website owners. Last but not least are conversions. Using JAMstack can result in higher conversion rates and reach a broader spectrum of shoppers through high-performance static sites distributed globally through a CDN (if you have shops in multiple countries).

Louis Vuitton

Speaking of eCommerce websites, here is another one even more famous as one of the world's most popular and luxurious brands; Louis Vuitton is on JAMstack too.  With a large spectrum of products for men and women, blogs, magazines, and campaigns, they need a website that works perfectly and can maintain fast, effective, and easy to use and navigate, even though there are updates and changes daily.

Have you ever wondered why Louis Vuitton is so expensive?  This brand uses only the highest quality materials to construct its products. Their bags are well-known and appreciated widely because Vuitton is synonymous with quality, which applies to their website. For better development and sustainability, they use the best tool on the market for content delivery, the JAMstack. . See, sometimes being luxurious stands to keep it simple and functional.  Here's one interesting fact: even Nike uses JAMstack in some of its webshop campaigns.  Here is sincere advice, if Nike chose it, why wouldn't you? Just do it.  Awesome, right?

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Yup, we didn't lie. Leonardo does use JAMstack, and DiCaprio made his website on it. His charity is supporting innovative projects that care about wildfires, ecosystems, and communities needed the latest web technology. Why's that? The website and traffic have grown so much, so they chose JAMstack to rely on.

The best thing is it’s static. Visually appealing and exciting, super-fast to load, and with excellent user experience - everything visitors expect one website to be.

Do you want to have a fast & secure website built in JAMstack?

If you've been wondering if JAMstack will help you with your website, here are all the answers. Does your website or app have a lot of mobile users? - JAMstack is for you. You're afraid because the average user's attention span is dropping rapidly? JAMstack is for you. It's fast by default, making visitors hypnotized by speed. Are you a business owner keen on delivering faster access to content for your audience? You're right - JAMstack is for you. From better user experience, more focused development and maintenance, security, and leaving your money in your pocket - if you're searching for any of these, JAMstack is for you.

We recommend it for everyone who needs to upload content to the website and reach the audience without worrying about the presentation. When you chose to try JAMstack - you'll also need a CMS for the JAMstack website. Give BCMS a try.


What are Jamstack websites?

Jamstack is a modern web development architecture based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup (JAM). Jamstack is a different architecture for building apps and websites rather than a specific technology or framework.

Is Shopify Jamstack?

Shopify is probably the most popular web shop nowadays. It is a SaaS eCommerce platform, similar to BigCommerce, that’s widely popular worldwide. And YES, it is one of the most successful JAMSTACK HEADLESS E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS ever made.

Which Jamstack framework is the most popular?

Gatsby. js is one of the most popular and, without a doubt, one of the best JAMstack frameworks in 2023. Gatsby. js is an open-source front-end framework based on React.

Is Jamstack better than WordPress?

Using the Jamstack ecosystem with a headless CMS performs better than WordPress. The advantages of Jamstack include optimizing how your website renders, enhanced security, better performance, less maintenance, lower costs, and improved content sharing and reusability.

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