What is the best job board CMS in 2024

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on December 8, 2022
Updated on March 9, 2023
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best job board CMS

A job board is a website employers use to advertise job vacancies to job seekers. Job board CMS is the same, but a better and upgraded version. Companies and employers chose CMS as a platform for building a job board website to make the maintenance and support of job offer easier.

The new job board within the CMS makes it much easier to publish new job offers. At the same time, with a straightforward design that is optimized for mobile use and good SEO performance, the site itself is much more visible and accessible to a much larger number of people who are looking for jobs.

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How to choose the right CMS for a job board

This can be tricky, considering the offer and variety of content management systems.

But before we dive deeper into job board CMSs, there are 3 points to consider when choosing a job board:

Who are you trying to hire?

This is the first question you should answer. Are you hiring for a wide variety of jobs at the same time? Entry-level positions or highly skilled positions? Make sure to describe your ideal candidate as precisely as possible. Do they have to live in a specific location? Do they need certain qualifications?

Is previous experience relevant? Choosing the right job board, CMS will depend on your answers.

Do you need to build a niche job board?

Niche job boards are powerful because both employers and job candidates are looking for something specific. Niche job boards are typically smaller and focus on a specific aspect of work, including location or industry. As a result, this job board will give you a specialized platform with fewer candidates than giant job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn. You may reach a smaller number of applicants, but you will definitely have a bigger number of highly relevant applicants.

Do you need an omnichannel recruitment platform?

It is not a secret that what works with customers also works with candidates. If you're in recruitment, you must be where your candidates are. As a recruiter, you are responsible for activating channels to access each ecosystem where your candidates are present. This is done by building a job board CMS. It represents a new opportunity for employers to distinguish themselves from the competition by getting a unified view of the candidates' journey across these channels.

In addition to customization and presence on multiple platforms, which CMS features are indispensable? Should you opt for a famous or lesser-known CMS? And is building a job board easy with a traditional or Headless CMS?

If you want to dive deeper into this subject, read my blog about 10 Essential Features to Look for in a Job Board CMS, which will help you better understand how CMS can elevate your job board website. And now, we will look at the best examples of job board CMSs.

What is the best job board CMS?

Researching countless CMS options can be a time-consuming process. Luckily, I did that research for you and put together a list of job board CMSs categorized by basic info, pricing, and features. The leading job board CMSs are featured here; you don't need to look elsewhere.

1. Job board CMS: JobBoard.io

JobBoard.io is suitable for recruiters, enterprises, and communities looking to launch a job board quickly. Besides a resume database, JobBoard.io includes applicant tracking, analytics, reporting, and integrations with social media.

Cloud-based, flexible, and customizable, JobBoard.io offers advanced users the option of adding custom CSS and HTML for more customization. In addition to being mobile-friendly, it can also be used with an organization's custom domain.

JobBoard.io example

JobBoard.io features:

  • Candidates can create an online profile

  • Searchable candidates format

  • Offer job posting packages

  • Applicants can apply to a listing from different platforms

JobBoard.io pricing:

  • Basic: $149/month

  • Professional: $249/month

  • Enterprise: Price Upon Request

2. Job board CMS: JobAdder

JobAdder is a web and mobile-accessible platform with an open API that allows you to manage job orders, match applications to jobs, and track candidates' progress.

JobAdder example

JobAdder features:

  • Local support over the phone, email, and live chat.

  • Custom workflows

  • In-app walkthroughs

  • No gated features

  • Drag-and-drop pipeline

JobAdder pricing:

  • No standard contract

  • Per user

  • Per month

  • Custom pricing

3. Job board CMS: JobMount

JobMount is a job board management solution for businesses of all sizes. This job board includes email job alerts, candidate management, application tracking, and others.


JobMount features:

  • Geocoding for easy location-based search

  • Full custom design

  • Professional Search Engine Optimization

  • Quick for desktop and mobile visitors

JobMount pricing:

  • Hosted solution Standard: (one-time fee) $4,950, then monthly $450

  • Hosted solution Premium:(one-time fee) $5,350, then monthly $700

  • JobMount Standalone: (one-time fee) $4,950 or $9,500

4. Job board CMS: BCMS

With open-source headless BCMS, you can perform intelligent job searches, parse resumes, find the best-match candidate, and collaborate on hiring processes.

Companies of all sizes and shapes use BCMS to manage their job boards. No matter how you start your content management journey or switch from an existing one, BCMS is here to help.

BCMS job board CMS

BCMS features:

  • Intuitive workflows

  • Integration with other 3rd party tools

  • Available on all devices

  • SEO optimization

  • Multilingual job postings

BCMS pricing:

  • Free option

  • BCMS pro: $765 one-time fee

What we learned about Job board CMS:

  • The new job board within a correct CMS makes it much easier to publish new job offers

  • Job board CMS must be mobile-friendly

  • Job board CMS must be SEO-friendly

  • Job board CMS is equally effective in building large and small job board sites

  • Job board CMS offers a unique site structure and custom design

  • This blog collects the top 4 Job board CMSs platforms

If you like what you read in this article and want to try, BCMS is the best solution out there. If you want to use it to build your job board website, don't hesitate to schedule a free personal demo to learn more about how BCMS can elevate your job supply and visibility and attract the most suitable applicants for your job posts.

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