The one where BCMS went to a Digital Labin conference

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on January 26, 2023
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BCMS Digital Labin

At BCMS, we take business seriously. Especially when the business is about planning a trip - that's when we are most serious. Then we work out the plan to the smallest detail. How much time do we have for swimming in the pool, to what degree can the sauna be heated, what lights do they have in the jacuzzi, and is the beach sandy or pebble?

For us, every detail is important so that we can make the most of all the features that the accommodation and the destination have to offer.

After several meetings, studious negotiations, and serious stress in choosing the trip's location, the team decided that we would visit the Digital Labin Conference in Croatia this time. 

First, the most important thing, Labin is a small tourist town in Istria (Croatia), which has a beautiful medieval old town located on top of a hill, under which there are catacombs, tunnels, and wine cellars, and at the foot of that hill is Rabac, a bay town that has a very clean and salty sea. 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

Labin old city

Another important thing that made us go to Istria is Digital Labin, a Next-gen Interface Designers, and Developers conference. Digital Labin conference gathers world-class speakers in web, mobile, and software design and development year after year.

Digital Labin conference

This year there were two tracks. At Hangar Arena, we listened and learned about relevant aspects of recent UX and UI trends, while Mine Hall dealt with code and data - backend development, architecture, and patterns.

Along with the learnings from world-class speakers like Pelle Martin, Irene Pereyra, Kitze, Freek Van der Herten, and many others, we met dozens of people working at different European companies, which use and even invent diverse, cutting-edge, and original technologies, and exchanged our experiences. It was exciting to see how people reacted to BCMS. 

However, it was also practical to know how the industry is progressing and what all the latest technologies can offer as a solution. And you know what? It was mind-altering and, in some moments- futuristic. We even saw an apocalyptic scenario where Godzilla demolishes Labin.

Godzilla Labin

Well, thank you, Digital Labin, for everything; see you again next year! Wait, unless this Godzzila prediction comes true, then maybe not?!

What did we learn about Istria?

Thank God we well-planned everything so well that we had enough time to explore all the tourist spots and places in this area. So, besides visiting the conference, we could get to know Istria, its customs, and autochthonous specialties. 

So, if you want to know some exciting things about Istria, here they are:

  • Istria has great sunsets 🌅

Istria sunsets
  • That at the end of September, it's still not too late to take a swim 🏊‍♂️

  • That contrary to the prevailing belief, Istrian Malvazija is not a waste of wine🥂

  • That waiting in line to try truffles is worth it (If you ask me, for others, this fact is not so true😅)

  • That even though there are a dozen viewpoints in Labin, we had the best one from our villa. 😎

BCMS villa

What did we learn about ourselves?

Since BCMS is a remote company, and this was our first team building, we actually got to know each other better. Outcome: We realized we are even cooler IRL than online 😱. Let me introduce the team a little bit:

  • The first two things we learned initially are that Momčilo likes to drive fast, and Boris can't stand the fast ride.

  • Thanks to Paulina (waitress in Rabac) team realized that me (Arso) talking to the waitresses could get us a great discount. (Paulina, if you are reading this, thank you for letting me write this self-promotion, see you next year again 😆)

  • Bane & I were roommates by coincidence, but it turned out that we were roommates so that we could participate in the "Who snores louder" contest. Results are to be published later this year.

  • We hydrated appropriately and responsibly.

BCMS teambuilding
  • The BCMS team really likes to play board games.

BCMS board games
  • 5 guys under one roof can survive only thanks to Lidl’s ready meals.

Lidl’s meals
  • Bane & I can easily become brand ambassadors for one Croatian brewery. (Bane, we’ll bring a pack home next time!)😅

  • Momčilo is the best photographer in the company, and Dušan is the best photo model. (there are 34568973 pics of Dušan in our shared google drive. 😆)

  • The whole BCMS team are hedonists

As post-travel depression slowly eases us, we plan new trips and recount this.

BCMS slack

As you saw, we are a bunch of seriously hard-working people, especially near the swimming pool. So, ‘till the next team building, stay tuned, check our careers page, and join us!