Top 10 BCMS Blog Posts of 2022

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on January 13, 2023
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Top 10 BCMS Blog Posts

Last year, had 48.1% more users than the previous year. That is proof that we had a right when we were creating our content strategy. Thanks to our strong belief that quality always wins quantity, we were able to create, produce and publish content that gives our users useful information but, most important, answers to their burning questions.

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Why does BCMS give a damn about content?

Because BCMS was made to manage content.

Because BCMS knows that content is an amazing vault that runs today's world.

Because besides having a product that can manage content intuitively and efficiently, it is more important to have content that educates, explains, and shows people from different industries how BCMS works and how many projects it can be used for.

In this article, BCMS wants to thank readers who recognized our efforts and remind them of which stories and experiences make them believe and use BCMS for future projects.

10 best BCMS Blog Posts in 2022:

#1 Complete Programmatic SEO guide with examples

Programmatic SEO example

The Programmatic SEO guide proved to be our masterpiece regarding BCMS content. This piece of content is the most read, shared, and reposted.

The feedback we received actually confirms our thesis that the best way to tell a story is to share one's own experience without leaving out any step and key detail that led the actor of the story (in this case, BCMS) to success.

#2 Is Headless CMS a secure CMS?

Headless CMS security

Our second-most-read blog post deals with the security of the Headless CMS. The interest in this issue shows how important it is to create content that explains and provides solutions to things that most bother people in the industry (from programmers, marketers, and managers, all the way to CEOs).

#3 Blog post about the Webflow pricing plan that triggered everybody's opinion

Webflow pricing

Following trends and changes in the industry is inevitable. It's also about having an attitude and an opinion about trends. In the case of Webflow pricing changes, it has demonstrated how many people in the industry like to debate and hear different viewpoints.

It is no wonder why this blog post attracted the attention of our readers so much. In the coming years, we will try to create content that will enable one hot topic to be covered from as many different angles as possible.

#4 Traditional vs. Headless CMS - Full comparison

Traditional vs. Headless CMS

Traditional vs. Headless CMS - Full comparison blog post actually represents a skyscraper technique for writing content that has proven to be very effective in creating highly professional content. People who are interested in the text's subject matter, which is the text's theme, will find these types of texts fascinating. Why?

Because the skyscraper text deals in detail with all current events on the given topic, it explains them. It simplifies all those "difficult and professional terms" so that even people with no specialized knowledge will understand what it is about.

#5 5 famous websites - built in JAMstack

Jamstack website examples

People love examples!

Generally, examples are the easiest way for them to understand something that leaves them in doubt. Blogs featuring examples of Jamstack sites illustrate in a figurative way what is possible to build with the latest tech stacks.

#6 Gatsby influencers list

Gatsby influencers

Perhaps more than examples, people love authorities—especially tech-related ones. Creating a list of influential people and experts in a specific niche will enable your visitors to find the information and people they need more easily. In addition, your website will increase their trust.

That's precisely what we did by writing a blog post about Gatsby developers.

#7 14 Reasons Why

Jamstack 14 Reasons Why

If you want to explain to someone why they need to make changes, the most compelling reason to do so is not to convince those persons that they are wrong but to give them reasons why the change benefits them.

Creating a blog post of this type (14 reasons why Jamstack shouldn't be ignored) has proven to be very interesting among site visitors who are tired of reading dry, persuasive marketing texts.

#8 Jamstack review

Jamstack review

We live in a digital era in which we are bombarded with millions of information daily. Unfortunately, as quickly as we absorb information, we forget it very quickly.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a blog post on our top 10 list that summarizes all the news, trends, and changes related to Jamstack because it is an industry that constantly evolves.

#9 “How to” blog posts

Programmatic SEO keywords

We have many "How to" texts because we realized from the beginning that visitors to our site crave content that will show them how to do certain things or achieve certain results.

The "How to find keywords for Programmatic SEO pages" article is one of many in our series about Programmatic SEO strategies.

#10 What is Server-Driven UI?

Server-Driven UI

Another reliable way to become a visitor's favorite is to deal with interesting but not sufficiently researched topics.

This is precisely how we came up with the idea of a Server-Driven UI blog post because such an approach to creating and designing pages was interesting to us, and we didn't have many places where we could read the extensive information about the topic. Therefore, we decided to take a progressive stance and create the content we were missing on the web ourselves.

Our top recommendations:

BCMS blog posts that we believe are worth mentioning include:

BCMS 2023 high-quality content delivery plan

We really appreciate that you have shown us your trust and that you read us and shared our content. We will continue to strive to maintain your trust by creating unique and high-quality content on the BCMS blog page.

We also want quality and educational content to be one of our most recognizable future features. We may have set a challenging goal, but we believe it is possible because as long as you read us, we will know that we have succeeded.

If you don't want to miss any future BCMS posts, you can find BCMS on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, or Github.

And if you have ideas about content that you would like to read about and there needs to be more information on the web, feel free to contact us. 😍

Mostly asked questions about BCMS:

Is BCMS an open-source CMS?

BCMS is a headless open-source content management system (CMS) written in the TypeScript language and paired with a MongoDB database with supported HTTPS.

Is BCMS a self-hosted CMS?

BCMS is a self-hosted headless CMS that comes with three different hosting plans:

  • a free plan (personal use, self-hosted)

  • a $100/month plan (commercial use, managed hosting)

  • a lifetime $875 license (commercial use, self-hosted)

Is BCMS a Headless CMS?

Yes, it is! BCMS is a collaborative Headless CMS for agencies & their clients. Works nicely as a Gatsby CMS, NextJS CMS, Nuxt CMS.

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