BCMS Founder Interview: Innovating growth with headless CMS for developers

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on July 26, 2023
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BCMS growth

We are excited to bring you an exclusive insight into BCMS' remarkable journey! Our founder, Momcilo Popov, was this week's choice for Founder Beats to talk about insights and data points on how it looks like building profitable Micro SaaS and other products.

Discover the BCMS Story:

In this interview, Momcilo takes us back to the early days of BCMS - the brainchild of a digital product development studio seeking a flexible and well-designed CMS solution. We delve into the challenges faced by developers and businesses with existing CMS options, leading them to embark on a mission to create something innovative.

How did everything start?

Momcilo Popov: CEO x Co-Founder @ BCMS
Momcilo Popov

CEO x Co-Founder @ BCMS

As a digital product development studio, we often needed a powerful content management system that is extensible and flexible. Existing solutions either sacrifice convenience for developers (too difficult to set up and use weird development workflows...), lack functionalities (too basic, good only for simple blogs), are horribly designed (sorry, but most dev tools are), or are way too expensive.

A DevTool Made for Developers, By Developers

Throughout our journey, we realized that DevTool marketing requires an entirely different approach. Read the full interview to see the whole journey from vision to reality. Momcilo shares key insights and growth strategies driving BCMS success.