Make better pages with these 30 Programmatic SEO Tools 

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on January 17, 2023
Updated on January 18, 2023
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Programmatic SEO tools

Just like any other SEO strategy, Programmatic SEO needs to be implemented with the proper tools to be as effective as possible. Today's market offers various devices, but how do you know which ones to use for Programmatic SEO?

Well, the answer is simple, before you start looking for tools that can help you boost your website, you need to get familiar with the Programmatic SEO process steps.

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How to do Programmatic SEO

Being innovative and thinking of creative ways to use something your competitors didn't is what Programmatic SEO is about. But, to do so, there are some steps you need to follow:

  1. Do some research

  2. Create page template

  3. Create and optimize content

  4. Generate pages

  5. Follow analytics

Research process in Programmatic SEO

The research process focuses on finding keywords for Programmatic SEO. Defining headterms, finding modifiers (combining them with headterms), and creating an ultimate keywords list are crucial.

Creation of an optimized page template for Programmatic SEO

This process involves creating a universal page template to fill the web page with unique content. Things to pay attention to:

  • Optimize the page around keywords

  • Add images

  • Optimize permalink structure

  • CTA (call to action) is must have

Content creation and optimization

After page optimization, you need to do the same with your content. You need to create unique content that can fit those pages. Keep in mind that:

  • Content needs to be persuasive

  • Content needs to be unique for every single page

  • Content-based on keywords

Programmatic SEO Pages Generation

Having an idea and creating content based on that idea is just one piece of the puzzle. Another one is to find a rock-solid platform where you can plant your seed and watch it grow and progress. To do so:

  • Choose your website builder

  • Create test pages

  • Use a keyword list to create pages in bulk

  • Build internal and external links


The last but not the least step. After publishing your content and your landing pages, it is important to:

  • Follow your content

  • Do content update

  • Fix content if needed

As you can imagine, every step is important and can't be skipped. Luckily there are tools that can help you in every single step you make. 😍

Keyword Research tools

Programmatic SEO uses keywords to inform search engines about the content of your website. Also referred to as "keywords," these are words and phrases people type into search engines to find information. To find the perfect words for both search engines and people, you should use some of these tools:


Ubersuggest is my favorite one. I've already written about it in my blogs. Still, there is no harm in repeating myself when this tool is potent and helpful in finding keywords and doing competitive analysis.

Ubersugest offers:

  • Keywords Ideas

  • Keywords Examples

  • Content Ideas

  • Content Examples

  • Comparative analysis with competitors

  • Audience interests insights

  • Traffic Estimation

  • Backlinks Overview

  • SEO advice on already existing content


There is no better keyword research tool than KeySearch if you are looking for an affordable one. You can conduct keyword research and competitor analysis with this tool.


These are the main features you get with a KeySearch plan:

  • Keyword research

  • Competitors analysis

  • Explorer (domain overview)

  • Rank tracking and intelligence

  • YouTube research

  • Content assistant

KeySearch is a more affordable solution than other keyword tools, and these features are everything you need to get started with SEO as a blogger or a small business.


Moz's keyword research tool will give you up to 1,000 keyword suggestions.

Moz keyword explorer

With this keyword research tool, you will have insights into the following:

  • Keyword difficulty score

  • Click-through rate by date

  • SERP analysis.

Keywords Everywhere

Successful SEO strategies rely on keyword research, and Keywords Everywhere is a tool for Chrome and Firefox users that reveals specific keyword trends. The tool provides you with information about search volume, competition, and CPC value based on a keyword you type in.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere works on Bing, YouTube, and other sites besides Google. As an extension and with informative, compiled data, you can start your SEO research by opening a new browser tab.


With CanIRank, you can find out if a certain keyword will rank on the first page of search engines.


It calculates the probability that you'll rank for a particular search term. Using AI also suggests better keywords to target.


Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO platform that includes the following:

  • Website Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Backlink Analysis

  • Rank Tracker

  • Site Audit

  • Clustering

  • Text Analytics

  • Keyword Quality Control


Using Serpstat, you can collect profitable organic and paid keywords for your Programmatic SEO campaign.


Similar to Answer the public, AlsoAsked discovers what questions people are asking about particular keywords so you can write content that answers them.


AlsoAsked allows users to search keywords by country and in different languages.


SEMrush is a marketing tool that can increase your online visibility in search engines. Using this tool, you can look at competitors' high-ranking keywords based on their domains and associated keyword rankings.


SEMrush's solutions include a lot of technical analytics so that you can keep up with your position on search engines. The software consists of 50+ tools to sharpen your SEO strategy and offers tips on implementing keywords through content, blogs, and product pages.

Content writing tools

After collecting keywords and defining head terms and modifiers, the next step you need to think about is the narrative. Storytelling is important for SEO, brand awareness, and user engagement. Luckily, the web is full of tools that can help you look smarter and more engaging but, at the same time SEO-friendly.

ProWritingAid & Grammarly

Grammarly and ProWritingAid are advanced content writing tools that offer grammar and style checks for writers of all types.

Blog posts, articles, and news are all examples of small content that can be checked with both tools. With these editing tools, you can get live editing suggestions while working in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

With these tools, you get the following features:

  • Checking spelling and grammar

  • Detect poor work choices

  • Point out poor readability

  • Check the variation in tenses

  • Real-time grammar corrections

  • Customized reports


With Frase, you can identify and categorize content opportunities based on search results. Planning and optimizing content for search engines can be accomplished with software.

You can also generate original content with Phrase's AI writing tool. It takes some work to get results from the generator's content-writing feature. It produces high-quality content, however.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a free app that helps you simplify your writing. Designed with journalists in mind, this app aims to keep your content clean and clear.

Hemingway App

When a reporter writes a report, the goal is to write at a sixth-grade level or higher. Doing so maximizes readability for a broad audience. That's what the Hemingway App does for your content. offers blogging, ads, sales, websites, and social media content templates.

It is possible to generate effective results with Copy.AI's AI-powered technology. It takes just a few clicks for users to select a topic and a type of copy from headlines, blogs, and descriptions. Next, they describe their products and give a brief background on the company. Additionally, 25 languages can be translated by the generator.


A Chrome extension that uses an AI generator to create content. With Hyperwrite, you can quickly restructure and build out content by rewriting a sentence or making a paragraph longer while still keeping your content human-written.


Features of Hyperwrite:

  • Sentence autocompletion

  • Paragraph generation

  • Sentence rewriting

  • Database of references

  • Integration across platforms

Web Crawlers and Scrapers

Any programmatic SEO effort should include web crawling and scraping. A web crawler searches and indexes website content over the internet automatically, which results in better rankings, and here are the most suitable tools for the job:

Screaming Frog SEO

Put simply, Screaming Frog crawls your website for SEO errors. This tool analyzes and checks everything from finding broken links to meta description and title tag overview to duplicate content alerts.

As a heavily analytical tool, it's thorough at detecting numerous ranking factors that Google or Bing crawlers look at. The feature list shows that every ranking factor is taken into consideration, and you can also try the free version with a crawl limit of 500 URLs.


By using BrowSEO, you can see how a search engine perceives your website. As a result, the underlying structure of your webpage is shown without any styling applied. Using this method, you can determine if Google's bot has trouble accessing relevant content.


With those insights, you can quickly determine a page's structure as well as its relevance for specific search terms by toggling options such as:

  • Server response code

  • URL redirect

  • Number of words on the page

  • Headings (H1-H6)

  • Number of internal and external links on the page

  • Number of external links on the page

  • META information such as title tag, meta description, meta robots tag, and any other tags that are present

CheckMyLinks checks the links on a page to make sure they are working.


By adding a Chrome extension to your browser in less than 10 seconds, you can get insights on links for the whole page.

At the same time, CheckMyLinks analyzes:

  • Redirects on the page

  • Check for the presence of broken 404 errors

  • Exact error that the damaged link received

  • Ability to analyze several pages at the same time

CheckMyLinks example

Another awesome feature: Once identified, you can then copy all broken links to your clipboard with one click.


Simplescraper scrapes websites and builds APIs. You can extract structured data from any website with Simplescraper quickly and easily.

You can do that in various ways:

  • Scrape via the crawler - you can scrape up to 5000 URLs at a time per scrape.

  • Scrape via API requests - no limits.

    You can export data as JSON or CSV, or access it via a URL endpoint, making any page into an API.


With HEADMasterSEO, you can check URLs in bulk for:

  • status code

  • redirect status

  • response time

  • response headers

  • HTTP header fields

The tool allows you to verify free listings of up to 500 URLs. In my opinion, the biggest drawback is the fact that there is no online version of this tool.

Hreflang Tag Generator

Hreflang Tag Generator can be a very helpful tool when it comes to Programmatic SEO for multilingual websites. Why?

Companies use the Hreflang tag to inform search engines like Google about multiple versions of the same page in different languages. It helps them provide their users with the correct version.

By Google, understanding these differences results in avoiding duplicate content and better Programmatic SEO ranks.

Page builders

The best way to quickly and easily create and manage your Programmatic SEO landing pages is to use a page builder, content management system, or headless CMS. Here are the most suitable options for building and managing large-scale landing pages:

WordPress Page Generator Pro

WordPress Page Creator is a plugin that quickly generates high-quality, unlimited programmatic SEO content to maximize your search engine presence. WP's plugin is a convenient tool for creating locality-specific landing pages or a database of products/services.

With this plugin, you can create thousands of landing pages tailored to specific keywords. The chances of ranking by search engines increase when you use custom content bulk pages.


Launchman is a no-code programmatic SEO page builder that allows you to create unlimited page templates without coding.


Launchman is designed specifically for startups that use Airtable and are looking to target a large number of keywords. The page-building process with Launchman is simple:

  • Building a landing page template

  • Connect template with Airtable

  • Go live


You can easily turn a spreadsheet of programmatic content into a website using Webflow's built-in database/collection tools.

Why should you consider Webflow?

  • Collections are editable

  • Marketing and SEO teams can edit content without the developer's help

  • Ability to connect different collections

Watch the video below to see how to use Webflow to manage programmatic SEO content.

Even though Webflow is a powerful tool for Programmatic SEO, recent Webflow pricing updates have led to a big discussion about whether Webflow is too expensive because it focused its price list on marketing agencies, neglecting freelancers who make it up a large percentage of the platform's users. can help you to increase your website traffic by adding thousands of Programmatic SEO pages. What separates from most existing solutions is that it offers countless ready-made templates for implementing various Programmatic SEO strategies and projects.

The most popular templates that can help you boost your SEO are:

  • Competitor Pages templates

  • Case study templates

  • Location pages templates

  • A/B testing pages templates


BCMS is a Headless CMS that simplifies content management. It has an easy-to-use interface. Thus, content teams can focus on managing content without being restricted by tools, while developers can focus on coding. No matter how big your website grows, your costs will remain the same. In other words, it won’t cost you more if you have more visitors, users, or pages.


Using BCMS for Programmatic SEO, you’ll be able to quickly define the content structure for your Programmatic SEO pages, using {{ variables }}. Making a lot of unique pages, like “The hotels for {{ summer/spring/winter/fall }} in {{ Paris/Barcelona/Lisbon }}” takes minutes instead of weeks. Read complete instructions on how to implement [Programmatic SEO strategy using BCMS]

SEO Analytics Tools

You will not know if the Programmatic SEO strategy has a successful outcome if you do not deal with analytics. A landing page needs analytics not only to show how successful a strategy is but also to ensure it remains active. It does this by pointing out possible errors and how to fix them.

So remember, creating content, building landing pages, and linking websites are not complete unless analytics insights are followed. To do so successfully, here are some handful analytics tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an invaluable resource for any SEO. It provides valuable data about websites, such as the number of site visits, traffic sources, and location demographics.

With detailed insights from Google Analytics, you can adjust your content strategy and figure out what works and what doesn’t.


When working on your SEO, you should always track Google algorithm updates. Mozcast follows Google ranking fluctuations and provides insights into Google algorithm updates so that you are up to date with the significant SERP feature changes.

How does Mozcast work? On a daily basis, Mozcast analyzes the first page of Google organic results across 20 industry categories and five major US cities. It compares them with the results from the previous day. Following these tips, you will always be aware of the latest Google Ranking Factor trends.

In the following video, you can find out how to keep up with Google Algorithm Updates.


SEOlyzer analyzes your website's log files and crawls your website to determine how search engines like Google see it. By using crawling bots' log files, SEOlyzer determines and creates your SEO key performance indicators based on information gathered by your server.


All your SEO indicators are visible in real-time with SEOlyzer logs analysis: you can react immediately to problems that impact your SEO. Things that SEOlyzer analyzes:

  • SEO issues

  • Page performance

  • Crawl volume

  • HTTP status codes

  • Active and newly added pages

  • Desktop vs. mobile responsiveness

  • Determine what your most crawled pages are.

  • Compare web pages

  • Measure SEO impact

With, users can optimize their sites, generate reports, analyze competition, research keywords, manage promotional campaigns, and develop links.

With SERPs software, Programmatic SEO is made easy by turning one keyword into hundreds of optimized landing pages. You can customize each page using SERPs to insert variables and customizable content.

Ok, this one is not a tool but more a life hack. However, useful and totally free. 🤓

Google “Incognito”

When you perform Google searches in Incognito mode, you will get an unbiased, 'clean' picture of what your users see and receive when they search for keywords. By searching in Incognito, you can see where you truly rank for a particular term on a search engine results page.


Staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest SEO tools and workflows is essential. By implementing cutting-edge technologies, you will not only be able to beat the ever-changing SEO landscape but also get an edge over your competitors. If you want to accomplish those goals, don't hesitate to include BCMS in your full-stack tools.

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