Check out how Superbet is editing its header with BCMS

Check out how Superbet is editing its header with BCMS

Header Navigation is one of the essential components of a website. It helps our visitors to navigate through different pages on the website easily. Making the header editing process easier can save us a lot of time. Let's dive in and see how Superbet is going through the editing process.

superbet header

But first, let’s see what the navigation looks like on the website itself.

It has a pretty standard header with a logo on the left, navigation, and the CTA on the right side.

Now let’s see how the Header editing process works in the BCMS

We can simply access it from the entries list by clicking on the “Header.” The first thing we see is that they can edit the logo through the CMS.

Header in BCMS

After that, here’s how Superbet edits the navigation itself.

Each page in the navigation is one item. For each page, they set the label or what the visitors see in the navigation. Afterward, in the link field, they just point to the page that they want to be opened.

Edit header

It’s as simple as that.

The same process goes for other pages as well.