Natuera: Using BCMS for E-commerce Product Reviews

Natuera: an e-commerce brand that uses BCMS for a product review feature on its website. 

If you are in the web development industry and working on client projects, sorry to break it to you, but there’s a high chance of you eventually working on an e-commerce website project.


Frankly, the chances of clients requesting a review section on their e-commerce website are even higher.

One of those types of websites is Natuera. They have decided to use Shopify in a Headless approach by using BCMS as their CMS.

Shopify in a "headless approach" and BCMS together

So here’s how they did it: STEP 1

They have made an entry type and named it Product Reviews.


The design of the product review section looks like this:


To match the Product Review content type in the BCMS with the provided design, they have decided to make the following content fields:


And here’s the result:
(drumrolls softly drum rolling  in the background)

A visitor decides to leave a review of a product on the website.


After completing the review:

a new Product Review entry is automatically created in the BCMS.


After clicking the edit button on the right, the team at Natuera can access the details of the newly arrived review.

Here, they can approve the review (make it visible on the website), edit the content of the review, or simply hide it by selecting the disapprove option at the bottom.


Pretty creative and straightforward, right?

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