Podcast code starter for BCMS, Nuxt & Tailwind - be heard!

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on November 24, 2023
Updated on November 24, 2023
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Nuxt Podcast Starter

We don’t need Black Fridays to offer “special” and “mind-blowing” deals just for you.

Almost for a month now, every Friday, we release a new code starter that is completely free. And we will continue to do this whether Black Friday fever is here or not.

After last week's Nuxt Conference Starter release, this end of the working week is reserved for podcasts. Our Podcast code starter kit simplifies setting up, recording, and sharing your content. This is what that looks like:

👀 Demo

📖 Code

Why (B)CMS for a podcast?

With (B)CMS for a podcast, you can manage the whole workflow from idea to recording. Take advantage of a content management system created specifically for podcasts to create, edit, publish, host, and manage podcast episodes. BCMS Nuxt podcast starter enables you to organize your episodes efficiently with notes and metadata. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to a streamlined workflow for publishing audio content.


Responsive and mobile-friendly website

With increasing listeners tuning in via mobile devices, a responsive and mobile-friendly podcast website is crucial. BCMS Nuxt Podcast Starter ensures your site looks fantastic on any screen size.

Pre-designed pages

Easily create home, about, contact, blog, and podcast pages. The BCMS page builder makes it easy to edit these pages.

Centralized place for your marketing channels

A podcast website serves as a central platform, housing your show's marketing channels under one roof.

From social media links, contact info, and newsletter sign-up forms to updates, blogs, behind-the-scenes videos, and other content related to your podcast's success. It's all there in BCMS Nuxt Podcast Starter (the all-in-one content repository), waiting for you to leverage it.


We made a couple of website starters available for many niches, and our website designs are highly targeted toward them. Each component in the starter has been made with lots of research into those specific niches. From header to footer, from the home page to checkout, we researched and built a full-size website so you don't have to make it from scratch.

How to install BCMS Nuxt Starter?

We have made sure that you are not alone in installing the starter. We provide you with a step-by-step installation guide that takes you through the process from start to finish.

In no time, you'll be ready to make your voice heard and produce your podcast. You only need to check out our GitHub page, where you will find instructions for Getting Started with BCMS Nuxt Starter.

Ready to be heard?

Get Started Today. Don't let technical barriers hold you back from starting your podcast. Amplify your voice and connect with listeners worldwide using BCMS Nuxt Podcast Starter. Begin your podcasting adventure today and share your stories with the world!

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