BCMS for agencies: Agency website code starter built with NextJS

By Arso Stojović
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Posted on May 10, 2024
Updated on May 10, 2024
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NextJS Agency website starter

We are back! After 24 free code starters for NextJS, Nuxt, and Gatsby, we decided to continue. So, this Friday is reserved for the agency website code starter built with BCMS headless CMS, NextJS, and Tailwind.

Why agency website code starter

BCMS is an agency-ready headless CMS that helps creative agencies build high-quality websites faster and easily in fewer steps. With making agency code starter building steps are even shorter and maintenance is easier. The whole process came down to just building and launching.


🌟 Demo

πŸ“– Code

Agency website code starter features

Our code starter is an agency website template based on NextJS and Tailwind. It is specially designed for digital agencies, SaaS companies, or startup agencies. Here are the features that you get:

Pre-built content model

Code starter comes with a minimalist look and website sections that are necessary for an agency website such as:

  • Hero Section

  • Header

  • Services

  • Portfolio

  • Contact Form

  • Footer

  • About us section

Easy navigation

Agency website navigation may be your website's most important feature, as it impacts the user and customer experience. Let's say website visitors have difficulty finding important pages or accessing relevant information. It will result in higher bounce rates, which means visitors will spend less time on your site. Ultimately, it could affect your business and your credibility.

BCMS agency code starter ensures that the navigation menu is not hidden or located in an obscure space.

Here's how the navigation structure looks like:

navigation structure

Top navigation:

  • Product/services

  • Portfolio/ examples of work

  • Team/About Us section

  • Contact us button

With this navigation structure, site visitors can easily find all the necessary and useful information.

About Us section

The about-us page is where your website visitors can learn more about your agency and the individuals who work there.

About us section

Most website owners do not treat the about-us page with the seriousness it deserves, so that's why we paid a lot of attention to this section. With the "About Us" section you get a website template that allows:

  • Tell visitors the story about how you started your agency

  • Briefly describe your business to prospects

  • Be sure to express the values of your agency

  • Clearly state your unique value proposition

  • Bring your customers closer to your company by showcasing its faces

Zero coding skills are required

The installation process of the BCMS agency code start and its use are user-friendly even for people who do not have programming skills. Its setup and use are as simple and fast as possible. How does it work?

Step 1: Clone the repo:

      git clone https://github.com/bcms/starters.git

Step 2: Start BCMS

      cd starters/cms/agency

For detailed instructions visit the tutorial: Building agency website with headless BCMS and NextJS.

Highly customizable design

The agency code starter comes with a highly customizable design. Thanks to Tailwind you can easily change the theme, colors, fonts, and other design elements to match your brand. Just go to [tailwind.config.js].

Scalability and flexibility

BCMS code starter is designed to support integrations and it will work well with various plugins. If needed, feel free to expand the features of the code starter by adding different extensions or your solutions.

Responsive and fast

The completed website displays beautifully on all devices, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. The code starter has been deeply optimized at the code level to ensure fast page loading times for optimal performance.

Responsive design in practice looks like this:

Agency code starter also supports lazy loading for images to ensure faster page loads. After web performance testing you will get this score:

Web performance

SEO friendly

SEO friendly

The code starter was developed with SEO in mind and all the best website optimization practices. You can rank higher than your competition by using features like sitemap XML, robots.txt, meta-data, and customizable URLs.

Getting started with a website design that is best for digital agencies, startups, and SaaS companies

With BCMS and NextJs Agency Website Starter, you have the perfect platform to exhibit your products/services, team members, and examples of previous works.

You will get a business website that will make you stand out as an agency by delivering more than a website. So take all of the functionality of the BCMS and NextJs Agency Website Starter and give your clients and visitors a great user experience.

Support ❀️: If you like the project, hit that ⭐ button on GitHub.