How Basket uses BCMS to handle multilingual content

How Basket uses BCMS to handle multilingual content

Basket home page

Basket home page

Basket is an e-commerce website with content available in two languages: Serbian and English.

Handling content on an e-commerce website isn’t easy, especially when you have to deal with multiple languages simultaneously. So, Basket needed an easy way to do that.

Here’s how they did it with BCMS.

Each entry inside the CMS has two versions. One for each language.

Here you can see that we are currently editing this entry’s content in the English language. Changes here will not affect the Serbian version of the page.

CMS entry

If the Basket team wants to edit now the Serbian version. All they have to do is so select the Serbian language from the dropdown menu.

Pretty neat, right?

But what happens when they decide that, for some reason, they don’t want to display a page in a specific language?

Well, they can simply select the entry, choose the language they don’t want to be available for that page, and set the status to Draft.

English/Serbian entry

Other versions of this entry won’t be affected by this change.

How are you going to use this BCMS feature?