HR Tool Savings: Axilis Chooses BCMS for Job Boards

Save on HR Tool: Axilis uses BCMS, among other things, as a job board CMS

Depending on 3rd party software or adding new API dependencies to your website can sometimes feel stressful, cost more, and slow down your website's performance.


But what if there’s a way to skip this part and use the full capacity of your job board CMS?

That’s precisely what Axilis did. They have found a new way to use BCMS by storing job submissions on the BCMS.

Here’s how they did it:

The Axilis website has a careers page with a list of open positions.


Let’s say I want to apply for a Design position

(don’t tell my HR representative).

I have chosen the “Product Design Team Lead” position

(shooting for the stars, who need previous experience, am I right? :)


On the info page for that position, we can find an Application Ticket with which we actually apply for the job.


I’m now going to fill in the required fields and send the application.

What is your guess on the last question?

I’m going to take a bet on coffee, even though I’m secretly rooting for beer.


Now, let’s see what is happening behind the scenes in the job board BCMS.

You can see that Axilis has made a new entry template called “Submissions.” Here they can see all the latest job applications, including mine, which I’ve just sent.


Let’s take a look at that newly arrived submission.

The Title is automatically created by combining the Position and applicant's names. This helps HR representatives easily find and search for applicants in the BCMS. 


We can find all the information from my job application in this entry.

I’d definitely hire this guy! :)

What do you think of this solution? Thinking of a project where you could use job board BCMS in the same way?